Did you know that teeth can be cleaned with state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaners using ultrasonic vibrations?   These instruments actually vibrate plaque and calculus off your teeth, even in areas below your gum line where ordinary hand scalers can't reach.   Ultrasonic cleaners do not totally eliminate hand scaling, but  with the design of the ultrasonic cleaners we use, dramatically reduces the need for hand scaling.  The advantages of ultrasonic cleanings :
Ultrasonic cleaning cuts down on the time your cleaning takes.
Most patients think it's more comfortable than regular hand scaling.
Great on people who have heavy calculus or stain build-up (coffee, tobacco, etc).  Removes both much easier than traditional hand scaling.
(plaque) on teeth, and the ultrasonic disrupts the biofilm better than hand scaling.  The motion of the tip of the ultrasonic cleaner actually breaks apart the cell walls of the bacteria causing gum disease. 
Most of our patients demand to be cleaned with ultrasonic since it leaves their teeth feeling cleaner than ever.  Is there a disadvantage to ultrasonic cleaning?  Yes, if you have a pacemaker, please inform us.  The ultrasonic waves can interfere with the functioning of a pacemaker.  And people with  very sensitive teeth may prefer hand scaling.



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