Dr. Wymore has been placing white fillings (composites)  almost exclusively for several years.  Here are the advantages vs old fashioned silver-mercury fillings (amalgams):
 ● Composites require less removal of tooth structure- it's much more conservative.  With silver fillings,  certain guidelines had to be followed, making the filling much larger than the actual cavity in most cases.  Not so with composite fillings.

 ● Composites are bonded to the tooth, strengthening it.  Silver fillings actually weaken the tooth, leading to more frequent fractures, which often means a  crown must be used to properly restore the tooth (and the  cost associated with crowns).
  Composites are mercury free
  Composites look much better.
The main disadvantage to composites is that very large composites don't hold up as long as very large silver-mercury fillings.  Most of these very large fillings, whether composite or amalgam, should be crowned for the best result.

                                                                 Before                    After