We have converted to the latest technology in dental X-rays- digital radiography.  It provides an immediate image on the 21 inch computer screen in each operatory.  The advantages are:

Less radiation- up to 90% less than traditional X-ray film.  Resulting in a safer X-ray.
Higher quality images.  The standard size of traditional dental film makes viewing hard, but digital radiography has done away with this.  Once on the screen, the images can be magnified for a better view.  Brightness, contrast and color can also be adjusted allowing us to see cavities much easier. 
Better understanding of treatment- This large and crisp image allows us to point out the problems to the patient very easily.
Shorter dental appointments- no more waiting for the film to be developed.
Environmentally friendly- no more harsh chemicals needed to develope the film. 
Easier to transport- we can send images via e-mail to any specialist
Digital radiography has made dentistry easier for both the dentist and patient.




Copyright Gordon K. Wymore DDS 2009